Saturday, January 26, 2013

Surrender - 40 days Pop Up in Jakarta

As a style conscious dude in South East Asia, you should be quite familiar with one of the finest multi-label store from Singapore, named SURRENDER. Having known for its distinctive mix of brands that can be labeled as "fine menswear", Surrender is no doubt one of the most "must-go" place when people visit Singapore. 
This January, Mr. Earn Chen teams up with 707 crew to open a temporary pop up store in Jakarta, Indonesia. Having situated on the ground floor of Plaza Senayan, the store had its opening party last week, on January 17th, and scheduled to stay open for 40 days or six weeks. With the opening of Surrender's temporary retail space, men in Jakarta with deep pockets will be extremely happy cause they are bringing lots of good stuff inside. 
Brands you can cop at Surrender Jakarta : Maison Kitsune, Neighborhood, Cav Empt (C.E.), Thom Browne, Luker by Neighborhood, Common Projects, Island Slippers, Nanamica, Orlebar Brown, Brooklyn Tailors, Band of Outsiders, Want les essentiels de la vie, and W)Taps. 
The opening of store like Surrender (even just for a real short time) might proven that Indonesia is actually heading towards the right direction in the retail business. Last year, we had Otoko bringing Gitman, Yuketen, Porter and stuffs, and Brooks Brothers opened its first door in Indonesia. This year, we are also be welcoming the likes of H&M, Uniqlo, and Paul Smith. And not to forget, Lotte Shopping Avenue and Galerie Lafayette will also be opened this year in Jakarta.

For more pictures and report of Surrender opening, head to

Blueover. Sneakers

Lots of people in this world trying to create pairs of sneakers that will look good on anybody's feet but they tend to fail, cause nobody can do it better than the OGs back in the 70-90s era. Common Projects is one among many sneaker brands nowadays that is successfully created new sneakers with the idea of simple & sophisticated, yet comes with a very nice branding. Their collaboration with Tres Bien & Our Legacy's Welcome brand, the track shoe, is one of the good example of classic with a twist. 
Welcome x Common Projects - Track Shoe

Another brand i think can do something like this is this Japanese brand, BLUEOVER. The brand has recently released "mikey" sneakers that perfectly created something classic, but with a twist. The shoe features a color suede upper and a sole with cushioning system to prevent the owner to feel fatigue when wearing for a long time. The design is very nice, the upper suede leather is almost without a seam on the side, making it very simple, sleek, and sophisticated, not to mention, these are made in Japan. Beautiful. The shoe is available in three colors, Orange, Wine Red, and Navy Blue. Might be a good alternative other than your classic New Balance.

Available via M-A-P-S.

Dawson's Creek casts on J.Crew's 1998 Catalog

Source : refinery29

Officine Generale

It's always exciting to see a new brand being done so good and properly. One of the nicest place to find that new brand is none other than Pitti Uomo. Thanks to style blogger and store buyer, we are able to witness some of these good brands been founded. Recently, i read about this nice Parisian brand, Officine Generale. The brand was founded in early 2012, with the initiative of an Atelier from the past. Officine Generale uses only the finest material for their products. For example, cotton herringbone, selvage oxfords and chambrays from Japan, cotton poplin from Italy, and fresco wool from England. 
"The collection (entirely made in France, Italy, & Portugal) is sort of A.P.C. meets Todd Snyder & Mister Freedom"
--A Continuous Lean

Officine Generale is available through out stores like Colette (Paris), H.W. Carter & Sons (New York), American Rag (Tokyo), Silver and Gold (Osaka), Joseph (London), and Ka-pok (Hong Kong).
I recently went to Ka-pok. How stupid i am for not checkin' the brand while i was there. 

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Apple Store to open in Indonesia

Apple Store, Shanghai

Whatever you'll think of me, fuck it. Yes, i'm an Apple fanboy since the first gen of 2GB iPod nano. Surprisingly, i recently read the news that Apple Inc. is soon to open the first Apple Store in Indonesia. That means that this country will have its direct distribution center for Apple products, which also means that we're not gonna be some "later" country whenever Apple Inc. releases new product. Another good news is that apparently, we've been receiving Apple products via Singapore, and that is one of the reason why Apple product prices are steeper here in Indonesia. By having its own distributor here, that can only mean one thing : Apple products will be cheaper than before.

As in this moment, Apple has three stores in Asia region, one in Shanghai, one in Hong Kong, and one in Tokyo. Indonesia' Apple store is predicted to be in Jakarta. Will we have a cool glassy store like the ones they had in New York, Shanghai or Tokyo? Let's see.
Apple Store, New York City

Apple Store, Tokyo

Sunday, January 20, 2013


I just got back from Hong Kong two weeks ago, and had my first encounter with one of Muji's line, LABO. Yes, with its label MUJI LABO, the japanese label provides a new high-end housewear collection, that is representing the brand's value, which are balancing simplicity and practically, under a more refined vision. Not only comes with a cleaner cut and finer details, MUJI LABO products also labeled as "Environmentally Conscious", by their uses of organic fabrics and recycled materials. The prices is a bit steeper than their basic line, but believe me, its worth it. Just like their basic line, Muji Labo offers a minimalistic pieces of clothing that is done properly. Can't wait to get my hands on another piece of Muji Labo.

Practical | Useful | Straightforward | Edited | Simple | Wearable
Unpretentious | Comfortable | Basic | Environmental Conscious

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jinbo a.k.a. SFreak

Aside from all K-Pop shit out there, there are still some nice Korean indie artists to check out, and one example is this man, Jinbo a.k.a. SFreak. Jinbo or his real name, Joo Hyun Hahn goes with a less popular genre in his country, Electro Soul and R&B, and i think he's done it pretty well. Check out his latest music, a project with Digipedi, "Fantasy" (which features a hot one in the video), below.

Digipedi x Jinbo - Fantasy

Also check out his other music, below (click on the title)

live @ 문화콘서트 난장 20110625 Jinbo - One Night Stay / In My Room
(This one reminds you a lil' bit of J.Dilla isn't it?)

Bobby Womack

Bobby Womack & Damon Albarn perform "Please Forgive My Heart" live

Bobby Womack & Damon Albarn perform "The Bravest Man In The Universe" live

Bobby Womack with Damon Albarn & Lana Del Rey perform "The Bravest Man In The Universe" & "Dayglo Reflection" LIVE

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Images from the city of Berlin

Here are some snapshots from my trip to Berlin, last year.