Tuesday, October 25, 2011

JanSport - 2011 Heritage Series

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On 1967, three Seattle college grads were looking to avoid the confines of nine-to-five jobs: Skip, an outdoor enthusiast; Murray, an engineer; and Jan, a seamstress. Murray had won an award for an aluminum frame pack design and told Jan if she created a pack that sold, he’d marry her and name the company after her. She did. It did. And JanSport was born.

Forty-four years later, hippies rejoice as JanSport reignites the Summer of ’67 with its new Heritage Series, a modern and honest re-issue of its original silhouettes, reflecting the outdoor functionality and aesthetics at the core of the Brand. These bright-colored bags, inspired by the magical mystery tour of their day, are available in Indonesia in 5 different styles and colorways, with an original JanSport woven label, weathered Cordura® and nylon fabrics, antique brass metal zippers, and classic seat belt webbing.

“We’re thrilled to invite consumers to journey back in time to 1967. The Heritage Series celebrates our outdoor authenticity and allows us to reconnect with consumers to help rediscover the groundbreaking designs that paved the way for JanSport’s success some forty plus years ago.”

The Fall 2011 JanSport Heritage Series includes several models for you to get :

Hoss, the revolutionary reinforced leather bottomed packs, which fed the country's need for stability, reliability and durability. Ski&Hike and WayBack, simple and clean, right down to the solid brass that won't rust after you get caugh in a city whiteout. call 'em what you want, Backpack, knapsack, Hopsack, saddle bag, haversack, rucksack or whatever.

The others are the Off Trail and Swinger. All of these JanSport Heritage series are currently available at The Goods Department, Plaza Indonesia, ranging from IDR 500.000 to IDR 1.600.000