Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Happy New Year!!

2008's been a great year. many things happened, on fashion, sports, music, politics and a lot MORE.

well, these year, we can see that Obama became the first "black" President of the United States. and then we can see Jennifer Aniston (almost) nude picture on the GQ magazine, and we had MASSA JEANS who became more bigger and bigger.

Music? this year is a great time for music, Steve Aoki & the Whitest Boy Alive came here to Indonesia on BeatFest2008. Kanye West's latest album, and Justice's A Cross the Universe Tour DVD is released alongside with Panasonic Special Limited Lumix Camera by Busy P from Ed Rec.

Another interesting news came from sneaker/shoes world. From Nike to Adidas, Vans to Converse, and also "Jalan Sriwijaya" shoes. and dont forget about Lomography Camera, they released FishEye2XPaulSmith, and also the Chrome Edition.

Hahhh. OK, we'll see you next Year. Have A Great New Years Eve!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Twelve Bar Selvage Denim

Streetwear / Urbanwear (whichever one you prefer) label, Twelve Bar are now producing their own Denim Collections. looky here, One of the denim collection, Twelve Bar Newman Raw. came with 100% cotton 13oz Raw Indigo Selvage denim. yep, as you can see, if you cuff the jeans, it will show the selvage line in two colours, red selvage and white selvage. neat, isn't it?

beside these Raw Selvage jeans, you can also find the non-Selvage denim from Twelve Bar. and yeah, they have several cuts like the Slim cut ,Classic Cut, and Relaxed Cut, available on Raw/Unwashed/Dry and Prewashed Denim.

For More Information & Collection, just click here

Official Stockist of Twelve Bar here in Indonesia is sevenohseven (707), so lets wait til the guys from 707 bring these denims to us!

**pictures taken from The FreshnessMag

Nike Vintage Blazer

After the Red one is already spotted months ago, the Information of Nike Vintage Blazer is becoming more revealed. yep, as you can see above, Nike will released Three Colourway for their January 2009 Nike Vintage Blazer collection. those pair came with basic vitage colour with suede material and a classic design of Nike Blazer.
Well Damn those pair are a must have items! but hey, for those of you who cannot wait 'til January (which is coming in 3 days), you can grab these Nike Blazer , came with little Checkers/Plaid plus a Neon Swoosh, and it is already being released this month.
hm..pretty neat but me myself, i'm gonna wait for the Vintage Blazer! it's MORE exciting!

Know1edge X Daniel Wu

The Orinda

The Lincoln Ave

The Sunset
Know1edge has collaborated with Hongkong's young & talented Designer, Daniel Wu. The Collections is inspired by the City of SanFransisco where Daniel Wu is born & raised. Pictures above (The Orinda Pullover Sweater, The Lincoln Ave Shirt, and The Sunset Selvage denim) is just some of his collaboration with Know1edge.

just check out for more details

Friday, December 26, 2008


better run fast there because the Tribute Sale is already starts couple days ago. so what are you waiting for? get in the car and drive! if you're lucky you can still got a freshjive tee for only IDR 250k. that's quite nice!

Schwipe's Acid Washed Jeans

the brand that we love, Schwipe, is just released their 80s look Acid Washed Jeans. Be sure you got one of those.

Tees from Massa Jeans!


Sydney based denim company, MASSA (who previously came with an Incredible 13.5oz Japanese Selvage Denim), just finished their first Tee design. yep , the t-shirt is Printed in House by their colleagues over at Day Old Blue Clothing using Direct to Garment method (it is like a printer but instead of paper we are using, they use a tee shirt!).

well, this t-shirt is not for sale yet, but let's just wait okay!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Levi's X Tahiti 80

French Band, Tahiti 80 is just made a collaboration with Levi's that end up with this pair of jeans. this pair is also came with Limited Special Edition Tahiti 80 Guitar Picks.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Shopping Madness...

just go to aksara / sevenohseven / casa at Kemang Duty Free Building onDec 23rd to find out more....MORE....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Wombats : Bleeding Love

the Wombats's performance on MTV Europe Music Awards 08 was freakin nice. they play Leona Lewis's Bleeding Love and made the song into alot better version than the original.

well. lets raise our glass to the ceiling for Liverpool's lads,the Wombats.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

MORE Sour Sally Fro-Yo For You!

hmm.. one of the most talked and one of the most hype Yoghurt in 2008, Sour Sally, is just opening their latest (3rd & 4th) "boutique"(yeah thats what they're calling it) in jakarta. after opened at Senayan City & La Codefin Kemang,the 3rd and 4th is on Mall Taman Anggrek and F'X Lifestyle X'nter. and soon they will opened their 5th in Pacific Place. (smart place choosing eh?)

Who Is Sour Sally??
Premium Fro-Yo shaved Ice Escapade Smoothie Goodie Yummy Goodness.
*Fro-Yo : Frozen Yoghurt

well, sour sally did bring some freshness here in jakarta!

ooh , and check out, Sour Sally' Unique Site here

Busy-P X Panasonic

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 X Pedro Winter

Pedro Winter (Busy P) using the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1

well, it's still about Ed Banger & Justice's A Cross The Universe Tour, but now the highlights is more on Ed Banger's Pedro Winter a.k.a. Busy P. yep he partner up with Panasonic to release Special Limited Edition of Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 which includes 200 pictures taken from the show. are some pictures included on the camera.

yeah hell sure its nice!

A Cross The Universe DVD set by Justice

Just wanna remind you , don't forget to grab Justice's A Cross The Universe DVD set.
yep, Ed Banger's Wonderboys who turned into International Phenomenon is already released their live recording of their San Francisco performance in March 08.
"The DVD is the juiciest part, a 64min film directed by Romain Gavras (already guilty of the infamous Stress video), So-Me and the band. A true documentary (for the most part, with some blurry lines between reality and fiction) depicting the craziness surrounding the band on their US tour, amazing contast between their super righteous tour bus driver and their totally demoniac tour manager Bouchon, Xavier getting handcuffed and arrested, and, well, some good old groupie love."
well seems excited eh? the DVD set are on sale for 16.00 euro.
just look for em on your nearest "imported-cd-dvd-distributor" store.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


simply nice photos?yep that's what WDDP has, it's like that they just take the pictures without even thinking but the results is simply beautiful. well, here it is:
"WDDP (We Don't Do Photos) is a collective of young and talented people from different backgrounds, but having the same interest in capturing things. They do graphics, web, chatting, browsing, fixing broken mainboards, tees, exhibitions, canvases, walking around malls, babysitting, anything. But none of them do photos, even if they do, they actually don't."
For MORE simply beautiful pictures, just go to WDDP


For the 2008 holiday season, UBIQ is just released their latest collection including a hooded jacket, tees, and New Era Cap. for more information just go to Hypebeast-UBIQ2008

Season's Greetings from Lomography!

For this season's greetings, lomography camera has released their limited collection. yes, Lomography Limited Chrome Edition. The collection includes :
- Lomography Fish Eye 2 Chrome Edition
- Diana F+ with Flash Package Chrome Edition
- Colorsplash Camera Chrome Edition
- Supersampler Camera Chrome Edition
For all of you who live in Indonesia, you could get it at Lomonesia

Monday, December 15, 2008


My friend just gave me a link. and when i saw it, i laughed my ass off and cried bcause this thing is freakin hillarious and also brilliant!

it is a Thailand TV commercial by Cheers Beer. it has 3 episodes, and the second one is the funniest imo.

here it is...

Well, Cheers Beer to every little good thing in life!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nike Windrunner X Vinti Andrews

British's Central Saint Martins school of fashion and design graduate, Vinti Andrews is just collaborating with Nike to customized Windrunner jacket, and you could see how it turned out.
Source : Hypebeast

Hell of an Ad!

(Click on image to see Full Size Image, and look at its amazing details)

Take a Look at this picture above, remind you of something? Yup it's the Adobe Photoshop Interface! yeah and these are the Commercial Ad created by Bates 141 Agency for , one of Indonesian Online Store for Computer software.

agency : Bates141 Jakarta
creative director : Hendra Lesmonoart
director : Andreas Junus & Irawandhani Kamarga
copywriter : Darrick Subrata
account executive : Nitya Priyahita
photgrapher : Anton Ismael

check out the making of the ad here

Saturday, December 13, 2008


hey its 1 o'clock past midnight hour, and suddenly me and my buddy went to the past and we found old tracks from our Junior High and our earlier High School era. yep,back in the days where we are still "lame-o-but-cool-also" boys.

here are some of the tracks/bands we've found :

- Papa Roach
- Offspring
- P.O.D. - Youth Of the Nation
- Kula Shaker - Govinda <----dudee!!
- Kula Shaker - Hey Dude
- SR71 - Tomorrow
- Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - (their punk covers shits off course.)
- Rage Against the Machine
- The Dead 60s
- Deftones
- Goldfinger
- System Of A Down - Chopsuey
- Smash Mouth - Can't Get Enough Of you Baby
- Save Ferris - Cmon Eileen <--10 things i hate about you........
- Arkarna - House On Fire <-- still kickin right now!
- Blur - Song 2 <---remember FIFA'98
- New Found Glory - My Friends Over You
- Lit - Over My Head <--and hell yeah Titan A.E. movie!
- Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You

hm..yeah it is mostly lame but hey those tracks surely kickin in that time.

selvage denim from ALIFE

who ever thought that ALIFE will producing denim products??well here it is a preview of their upcoming collection. yep , a Selvage Denim! well , not much information about the fitting yet, but i'm sure it will fit you very nicely with your Alife sneakers and tees and you will looked like an idiot who wears Alife's Apparel from head to toe.

still, thumbs up for Alife's Selvage Denim!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


watch these Bloc Party video when they are playing Live at "Later With Jools Holland".

me myself? i'm digging how they're performing so perfectly!!

and also, look at kele's outfit, seems different than usual, and oo yeah! look at Gordon who plays the Trigger Pad!

songs for decemberrr

hm..suddenly i started to think to post some of (hm..maybe 10) the musics i mostly play on my iTunes on this December til today (December 11th 08)

here it is..just watch / hear em at youtube.

1. Black Kids - Love Me Already (cool song about some funny story, just read the lyrics though)-->listen to this here

2. Frank Sinatra - Let it Snow ( vibe) -->listen here

3. Snow Patrol - The Planets Bend Between Us (raining days) -->listen to it here

4. Bloc Party - Ares (WAR WAR WAR WARRR!!) -->watch them live here

5. Kanye West - Street Lights (this is not typical kanye song, nice one) -->listen to it here

6. The Wombats - Here Comes the Anxiety (started with "this is the darkest song a guy ever wrote..) -->watch them performing it live here

7. Musiq Soulchild Feat. Mary J. Blige - If You Leave (..) -->listen to their song here

8. Jazzamor - Space Cowboy (hmmmm) -->watch their video here

9. Black Kids - Hurricane Jane (The Twelves Remix) (I Took Something and it feels Like KARATE) -->listen to this here

10.Jens Lekman - I'm Leaving You Because I Don't Love You (hm..sounds like a christmas break up song) -->listen to it here

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Other Rag Enterprise

Other Rag Enterprise or known as Ore is a store that brings urban-street-youth-cultured brands such as Aoki's Dim Mak, Obey, Nudie Jeans, Alife, Cobrasnake, Sixteen D'scale, Deadboy Limited, and else to Surabaya, Indonesia.
The Store opens in 2008 and now they're getting bigger and bigger. alongside the brands that mentioned above, they also have Casio watches and Lomography camera on their store.
so, of you traveling to Surabaya, make sure that you get your ass to ORE.

they're located at :
Pandan 1A
+62 31 5323231 (phone)
+62 31 5469404
or simply log on to ORE for more information.