Saturday, January 31, 2009

Natalie Portman's Shaved Head

Crazy Kids from Seattle United States who calls themself "Natalie Portman's Shaved Head", weird huh? but they are wonderfully weird, check out these video's of their single "Sophisticated Side Ponytail" from their album "Glistening Pleasure". and also , dont forget to buy their album too!

Glistening Pleasure Album

Friday, January 30, 2009


Join the competition to pimp your vespa scooter! you can join after you purchase adidasXvespa product or any adidas products with minimum purchase IDR 750.000,- . you can win a customized Vespa scooter!


run to 707 now to get these cool Collaboration by Nooka Watch and Hellz Bellz. the design shows Nooka Zoo watch with black metal mesh strap detail and a purple and blue design, reminiscent of a galaxy far off in space.
this watch is limited to 200 pieces only, all over the world, and available on selected stores only.
so hurry up!

Melissa X Disney at SevenOhSeven

New release from Melissa footwear, the Melissa X Disney collection. the collection includes The Lucky Rabbit (hm..before Mickey Mouse maybe?) series available on black and white, and also the Tinkerbell series, available in blue and pink.
just go to 707 kemang for more information and purchase.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ciccio & Flat Top from RetroSuperFuture

The Flat Tops

The Ciccios

Check out these 2 new collection from RetroSuperFuture , the Flat Top and also The Ciccio. these new collection came in many variety colours (frame and lenses)
The Ciccio offers a thick frame which will gave you a nerd look. nice

Parra X Vans

Parra's collaboration is always interesting. remember Parra's collaboration with The Perfect Unison (here) ? now, Parra did it again! and this time is Vans. yep, look at those Era, Sk8 Hi, and also Chukka. "Don't Forget to Actually Skate in These!" .. hm..really?

Nike Terminator Vintage

well, looks like NIKE is very concerned about their Vintag reproduction, since Nike Dunk Be True has released, their starting to do the same with Cortez, Blazer and Vandal to make the Vintage Collection. and now, it's time for Nike Terminator. yep, comes in two colours, classic red and vintage green with the Aged-Yellowing sole.

Sebastien Tellier - Kilometer (A-Trak Remix)

check out sebastien tellier's new track, Kilometer, remixed by A-Trak.
two words, LOVE IT

Stussy & Off Bowery 30% Sale at 707!

Run as fast as you can to 707 kemang now, cause they are having a 30% sale for Stussy & Off Bowery! and also, 20% sale for anything else.

Monday, January 26, 2009

PeterSaysDenim Premium Collection

PeterSaysDenim is just releasing their Premium collections. the collection includes about 5 different cuts of denim, from non selvage jeans to selvage,raw/dry to prewashed. as you can see above is one of their premium collection selvage denim, with new back pocket embroidery, "P" signs for "premium" and also 'petersaysdenim".

for more information and shop, click here

The Whitest Boy Alive's upcoming Album!

Erlend Oye's band, The Whitest Boy Alive will released their second album , "RULES" on March. so get ready, if you watched TWBA when they rocked BeatFest at Jakarta on November last year, you may heard some of the songs that will be on this album, such as "Island", "Keep a Secret", etc.
well here are the tracks that will be included on RULES :
-Keep A Secret
-Rollercoaster Ride
-High On The Heels
-Promise Less, Do More
-Dead End
we may already heard some of the tracks on their myspace or from a friend, but this new album must be totally worth waiting! favourite track so far : Island & Keep A Secret

The Tallest Man On Earth (live)

check out these acoustic-guitar-playing dude from sweden who called him self "The Tallest Man On Earth". he plays acoustic-blues-folk songs that really pleasure our ears. on this video is one of his song called "Honey, won't you let me in", from the album Shallow Grave.

my favourite lyrics quotation on this song is : "As the seasoned shifts lonely minds will drift ". pretty nice lyrics though!

Friday, January 23, 2009

iPhone X Telkomsel

Telkomsel, one of the biggest Cellular Telecomunication Company in Indonesia, will be ready with Apple iPhone 3G, while the other company such as Indosat and XL are kept busy with BlackBerry. Telkomsel said that iPhone 3G will be ready anytime soon, around february-march 2009.
you can check on :,
or get your reservation on
well, finally, iPhone become legal in Indonesia!!

Vans Vault 2009 Fall Sneakers Preview

For the Fall season, Vans Vault will be releasing some brand new models. Among them the boat shoe-inspired Chukka Del Barco LX, the slim profiled Needle LX, and a new version of the venerable Sk8-Hi, the Sk8-Hi Standard Issue LX.

info via Mashkulture

Louis Vuitton Don for Louis Vuitton Sneakers!

mr. Kanye West a.k.a. Louis Vuitton Don is just finishing his Collaboration Project with Louis Vuitton to made a few pair of Sneakers.
below is the press release, (from Hypebeast) :
"PARIS — Marc Jacobs and the Louis Vuitton men’s studio director Paul Helbers have some design competition this season. Kanye West, who was sitting front row at the Vuitton show, has designed a line of five LV sneakers. Only one design, above, was featured in the show — a monochromatic midtop with no frills, save for a quilted flap in the back, all the easier to tuck pants into. “The inspiration came from a jacket with a huge collar in the movie ‘Dune,’ ” West says. “Most sneakers focus on the tongue, so I wanted to do something different.” West knows whereof he speaks: he says he has no idea how many shoes he owns, but he does know that he routinely needs to send shipments off to storage. The LV-meets-Kanye kicks will be available at Louis Vuitton stores in June."

Info via HypeBeast

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Louis Vuitton Skate Board


as you see above, it is Louis Vuitton's Skate Board with Mr. Stephen Sprouse's design. the board came with a special limited LV hard case. hmm..nicee..

well, the question is, would you dare to do some grinding with those LV sk8tboards??

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


BOYS and GIRLS, check this out! the "This Is England" collecton from Ksubi. both available in jeans (for men, Gee Gee / skinny) and skirts (for women, High Waisted Skirt).
came with beautiful "acid washed-trash painted-vintage looked" material from ksubi.

Ksubi Cher Lace Jeans

Check this out, one of Ksubi's latest collection fo girls, Ksubi "Cher Lace Jeans".

LEGO goes Digital!

LEGO announced that they are having an agreement with digital blue to make some electronic devices that will bring out LEGO's Brick-Built-Look.
those digital devices includes Digital Cameras, a Walkie Talkie, Boomboxes, Alarm Clock Radio, and many more. (and don't worry, those bricks wont come apart if you accidently dropped em)
well, lets bring our childhood memories back!!


NHTVSN (nightvision) tees are now available at Orbis Jakarta.
for more information, log on to ORBIS

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Xavier & Gaspard being simpsonized??? cool!! playing their set on the Springfield's church with Bart and reverend Lovejoy on the side.
You can check this on their myspace page here

Melissa X Vivienne Westwood at 707

the latest Melissa's collaboration with Vivienne Westwood, thhe gladiator insoired flat shoes, are now available at 707, kemang, Jakarta


these idiots are proud of being faggot....good for em! and you too!

Diamond Supply's "Harrasment" tee

After a long and highly anticipated wait, Diamond Supply Co.’s “Harassment” t-shirt has finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel. The intricate photo print tee is slated for an online release on Thursday, January 15th.

source : HypeBeast

Arrow Mocassin

Arrow Moccasin has just released their latest collection. yep it comes with three different styles.
-ring boot
-lace boot
-canoe moc
for more information, you can go to