Sunday, May 30, 2010

LevelOne Project at Grand Indonesia

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Be prepared cause Grand Indonesia will be launching their new section project called the LevelOne at the east mall. LevelOne Project is Grand Indonesia's way to bring local products and brands to next level.
About 25 brand / stores will be opened including :

- 16DS / Sixteen D Scale
- Ciel
- Cocomomo
- damn! i love indonesia
- Deer
- Eightshop
- Geulis
- Harrington
- House of Jealouxy
- Hunting Fields
- Ichwan Thoha
- Kaligiila
- Kle
- Lomography by Lomography Embassy Store Indonesia
- Magic Happens and MYE
- Mimsy
- Monday to Sunday
- Naima
- Plastic Culture
- Rebel for a cause charity store
- Satcas & Sash
- Saint and Sinner
- Silla Home
- No'om and Soe Hoe
- Tikshirt
- Tick Tock
- Tosavica
- Venom

Friday, May 28, 2010

Le Tigre classic polo @ Metrox

The legendary Le Tigre classic pique polo shirt has now available at Metrox Plaza Indonesia Extension. Grab 'em while they last!

Le Tigre is known as the american colthing company which first designed in 1977 to rival Lacoste in styling.

Denial Denim : Animal Series 2010

Denial Denim is a Jogjakarta-based denim company that founded in early 2010. For their 2010 release, Denial Denim has chosen environment and animals as their inspiration.

"Animal Series #1. Denial Denim, a denim brand that have concern the environment, the theme of animal as form appreciation for the life of animals. Use animal product wisely! Save endangered animals!"

One thing that lost me is why do they use Wood and Leather material for a product that says "save environment and animals".
here is what they said about that :
"we just confirm why we still use wood and leather. our concept just remind other to back to nature and appreciate our enviroment. Utilize material from nature wisely.Wisely is defined as use of natural resources with responsibility and an appropriate portion, then natural ecosystems and animal populations are also not disturbed. Do not engage in illegal logging or poaching! Utilize of nature with responsibility, because nature and human beings need each other and profitable.

So, we just use WOOD RESIDUAL and leather residual from furniture industry in jepara also do selective logging system and use leather from stockbreeding.

then, what we do not disturb enviroment because we do in right way. Hopefully this reason can give a new perception about the themes that we picked up. Utilize from chemical like plastic can destroy the enviroment ASAP, so we just get something can be recycle. so, utilize from nature wisely isnt a violation.we also keep life of rare plants and endangered animals .stop global warming with your WISE behavior"

My final opinion is their products are awesome and the packaging is dope.

For more information just log on to their facebook page, here

Jay Z is working with Jack White

One of the biggest hip hop king, Jay Z is confirmed to work something with Jack White of the White Stripes. There are still no official review or sneaks of what they're doing, but these photos will get you excited.

"We did a song together a few weeks ago. It was incredible. I played him something that I've been kicking around for a while and he immediately came out with words for it. It's unbelievable sounding," White said.

Source : Hypetrak

Beck Featuring St. Vincent, Liars & Os Mutantes - Never Tear Us Apart

Record Club: INXS "Never Tear Us Apart" from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cut Copy : Live in Jakarta

Australian music group, Cut Copy will once again come to Jakarta and this time they are playing full band (Last time they came here it was only DJ Set).

They are scheduled to perform at Bengkel Nightpark on July 10th 2010. So quickly grab your tickets at Ismaya Group restaurants such as Pizza e Birra, SushiGroove, Kitchenette, etc. and also you can grab em at Aksara Bookstores.

Source : Ismaya Live

Better Off Dead : Karl the Butcher @ 707 Jakarta

Better Off Dead's Summer release called "Karl the Butcher" has now available to grab at 707 Kemang, Jakarta.

"The Better Off Dead: Karl The Butcher line has been a long time coming. Karl The Butcher is a visual narration of the events preceding Karl’s release from world renowned fashion house Chanel. We’ll let the visuals do all the talking."

Also check out "Karl the Butcher" video here.

Source :
707 Jakarta
False TV

The Strike Gold : SG1101 & SG1105

"Hailing from Okayama, the denim capital of Japan, Strike Gold is a line created by the Hamamoto brothers with over twenty years of experience in the Japanese denim industry. Bringing simple styles with the utmost attention to detail to their jean line we're very excited to be offering this brand at Self Edge."

"This denim from Strike Gold has massive character even when raw with a lot of loom chatter visible from both the warp and weft sides of the denim. Due to the abrasive nature of the denim when raw the jean will age faster than most jeans and yield an extremely high contrast fade with normal wear.
Strike Gold has gone to the extent of getting custom rivets made which have a male part made of iron and a female piece made of copper. The reason for this is that the male piece will begin to rust over time but the female piece will darken and leaf over time giving the wearer a well rounded aging pattern even on the rivets. Crazy for some, essential for others."

The SG1105 jean is a slim leg fit that's got a medium rise and is slim from the top to the bottom but doesn't hug the calf.

The SG1101 jean is a straight leg fit with a flattering silhouette for all body types with a medium rise and a classic fit.

The Strike Gold SG1101 & SG1105 are available at Self Edge
Source : Kiya Babzani via Darahkubiru/Forum

ABChairs - Alphabetic Chairs by Roeland Otten

Rotterdam desiger named Roeland Otten has design a chair in shapes of each of 26 alphabets from A-Z. Sounds crazy but he did nailed it.

Here's what Otten says about his designs :
"ABChairs, an alphabet to sit on and chairs to form words with. These are the first 26 prototypes made of lacquered MDF. Smaller size ABChairs would also be applicable for children’s interiors, such as libraries and schools. Limited editions of prototypes can be produced upon request. ABChairs are made possible by Fonds BKVB and Materiaal Fonds voor Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving."

Source : Dezeen

CODECO : Tetris Analogico

Physical Tetris at the codeco exhibition DSK (Juan Lesta & Belén Montero) of the Luis Seoane Foundation in Coruña, part of the Proxecto edition.

Tetris analógico // Analogical Tetris from Esferobite-DSK on Vimeo.

Source : Codeco

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pot Meets Pop - South Africa Photo Campaign

Our beloved friend from Pot Meets Pop recently did a photo campaign with their friends from South Africa, And its freakin awesome.

Emoticon Rubber Stamp

This emoticon rubber stamp designed by Gingami for Gung is a brilliant analog way to use the famous emoticon which usually used in digital form of technology. Rumour has it that the stamp will be on sale for US$ 30.00 ( -_-")

Monday, May 17, 2010

Dira Sugandi - Something About the Girl

One of the most anticipated album of the year from Indonesia's diva Dira Sugandi, "Something About the Girl" has been released on March 2010. Make sure that you buy this album cause Dira's voice and Incognito's Bluey (who is producing) makes it a Must Have!

All is good on this album, but you must listen to "Inside Love", "Let's Go Back (Feat. Omar)", "Get Through To You", and also "Daydream"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Common Projects 2010

Tres Bien Shop has the Common Project's 2010 shoe collection on their shop, including the new five hole (which look like a vans era). quickly grab 'em.

Monday, May 10, 2010

UNIS New York S/S 2010

"Inspired by and designed for the contemporary downtown man, UNIS evokes classic American sportswear. Urbane while easy, elegant without affect, Lee’s understated designs don’t ask for attention, rather they suit the man. Produced and manufactured entirely in its home of New York City, UNIS is just the result of a real relationship between designer, craftsmen, and locale."

Source : Coute que coute

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pivot Sleeve Shirt from Outlier

Outlier is a New York based company who focusing their products for biking wear but in a sharp & natty way. They Believe that the bicycle is the best form of urban transit for the 21st century, and their clothing is designed to make that fact even more true. A piece of clothing should work as well on a bicycle as it does on the subway or in a car, without shouting to the world "I'm a cyclist". Outlier is a clothing company first, not a cycling company. But they are a clothing company that designs simple, good looking and hard wearing garments for a world where bikes are a part of human daily life.

Well here, check out their Pivot sleeve shirt which tailor made for extra comfortness. They said that this is the solution, a completely reconstructed buttondown that retains the traditional look and feel of a dress shirt while working equally well both on and off the bicycle.

"From the front it looks like a well cut dress shirt. Like a good stage show, the magic takes place in back unseen by most. The underside of the pivot sleeve flows seamlessly into the back of the garment, creating an extra side panel. By removing the rear arm seam you can move your arm forward without restriction. It opens up a whole range of arm motion, move your arms forward or up and your shirt stays in place, cuff at the wrist, no cutting at the shoulders, your shirt tucked in properly. The extra side panel created by the pivot sleeve gives the shirt a strong form, the extra fluff found in most modern dress shirts is gone, this is how a shirt should fit."

For more details, just go to Outlier

Kichizo by Porter Classic

Kichizo is Porter Classic’s new diffusion line. Kichizo's S/S 2010 collections are mostly comes in black c/w. Well, enough said, these are dope.

Source : Hypebeast