Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Ever had a small incident of destroying your jeans?Like when your Nudie Jeans is having a Crotch-Rip? Maybe your Ksubi Jeans's holes are getting bigger and bigger? or maybe when your pair of vintage Levi's is torn apart?
Well you don't have to worry anymore cause your jeans has a Doctor now. yep, DenimTherapy.com is a professional Jeans Repairing Center.

"Helping our denim community reconnect with their favorite jeans is the reason why we started the company. With the best repair and service, all done with unconditional love, we not only fix jeans, we rebuild relationships."

Just go to DenimTherapy.com for more complete information

Steve Aoki rockin' a pair of Bleached Levi's

These pictures of Steve Aoki was taken at the 2009 Coachella Valley Music & Arts music Festival. He came to the stage wearing a pair of Tie-Dyed & Bleached (or Acid Washed?) Levi's Jeans. nice fit.

more pictures below

Monday, April 27, 2009


A Chick riding a motorcycle and rockin some pair of a destroyed as hell ksubi jeans?


Brightspot is a 4 day temporary concept market curated to gather all things cool, in a 600m2 space designed by Leo Theosabrata

they are creating a unique retail experience by selecting a range of tenants. We'll have CLOTHING, TOYS, SMALL INDEPENDENT LABELS, BIG BRANDS, FIXED GEAR BIKES, BOOKS, CDS, GOOD VALUE, GOOD DESIGN, RARE, SPECIAL EDITION and more.

they will be open for invited only at april 30th '09, starts from 6 p.m. and then they will be open for public at May 1st '09 til May 3rd '09.

Tenant List:

Nike Sportswear by Skematic X My Shoes
Kid Robot by FJL
Cheap Monday by FJL
Moozee Bags
16 D Scale
Nixon Watches
Just Fresh Toys
Seba Shoes
Auvimus: M-Audio (Midi Studio Equipment)
Future 10 Records & Stuff
Heroes Custom Bicycle: Downhill, Wood Bike, Road, Fixed Gear
Juice Magazine X Archive Consignment Store

Special Brightspot Bake Sale by:
Amami Cake & Cookies
Serradella Patisserie
Tea Party Cupcakes

Also in a communal booth:
Darbotz, Triplets, Monday to Sunday, Sheila D , FURR, Sou Brette, Happy Go Lucky, Hunting Field, OeiPoei

more tenants to be announced. so far, the space looks like these.

For More information, just log on to BRIGHTSPOT

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Yesterday, April 25th 2009, Sneakersindo & Myshoes has just held the SNEAKERSMEETING part II event on La Codefin Kemang. the event was also held as the launching of one of the most anticipated sneakers this year, Nike Air Yeezy (designed by Kanye West).

The Event starts around 5 P.M. , where some Sneakersindo member & Sneakers Shop is opening a stand to sell their stuffs. This event is also known as the big time event for their sneakers forum meeting.

At 6 P.M. , the Ballot time has started, from around 90++ people who entered their names, there will be only 12 lucky people who can pay to bring Air Yeezy home. (to bad i cannot be there til the ballot time so i dont have the pictures of the ballot session.)

so i will give you the pictures of the SneakersMeeting II itself. Here it is.

And, here is the Yeezies

Congrats to those 12 lucky people who bring Air Yeezy home. See ya at the next SneakersMeeting.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

KSUBI fvck yeah 4 Print Tee

Click on the images for bigger pics

Crazy Ksubi 4 prints tee. Don't say a word, Just let the tee do the talkin.

APC S/S April 2009

New Release for Summer/Spring 2009 from french brand, A.P.C. . As Usual, their collections are simply nice and fresh.

Source : Hypebeast

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dope Update by Incubus!

Incubus - Letters

ooh i forgot about this. check out this Update Video by Incubus, narated by Brandon Boyd (you can see him typing with an old typing machine, dope!). the video reflects of what the band is doing on 2008-2009 and tell that they are ready to make a new album.

"so mike, i think its time for us to make another album, what do you think? i miss you man, i have to say. though i'm glad that you are fulfilling this scholastic dream of yours, i'm dying to make music with you. i write songs everyday, but they sound kinda 2 dimensional compared to what we made together. *blablabla*, so lets make the ball rolling again. comeback to california, let's rock, let's jam, let's make music, let's make bread, butter, i've missed you, anyway, let me know when you're getting in brother."

p.s. : damn killmore is smokin pot?!

Eat My Shorts!

When Bart Simpsons said "Eat My Shorts!" on his TV series, i can't even think how possible that people would have literally eat their shorts. well, now those shit talks by that Bart Kid has becoming more and more realistic. check out these "Meat Looks" bermuda shorts, packed in a tray just like a meat in a supermarket. damn!


Greatest Hits Pictures, Images and Photos
Monuments and Melodies

Monument and Melodies is the the latest album from Incubus. The Album came in Double Discs that includes their greatest songs such as Look Alive, Drive, Punch Drunk, Wish You Were Here, Are You In? , Pantomime, Admiration, Stellar, and much else. the album also includes couple new singles from Incubus. such as Black Heart Inertia that you can listen at their video, below.

The Making of Black Heart Inertia Video - Incubus TV

the Album will be out in June 16th.

Pre-Order (maybe not for you that live outside America, like Indonesia) click HERE
For More Information , log on to EnjoyIncubus

Increase the Peace

Karl Grandin - Increase the Peace

Simply Powerful artwork by mr. Karl Grandin. yeah we need to Increase the Peace.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sneakersindo presents : SNEAKERSMEETING II

SneakersMeeting II + Air Yeezy Launch

Yep, Get Ready for next week cause SneakersMeeting part II is coming. this time, the event get more exciting cause AIR YEEZY will be released on the event.

and yeah, according to the posters, there will a Free Market again just like the first SneakersMeeting. so just bring your dopest sneakers shits, and sell it there. and you can get lucky and finding your dream sneakers there!

mark the date, April 25th 2009, its saturday! on La Codefin Kemang.
log on to Sneakersindo for more information


Modular is the home of many recording artists such as The Whitest Boy Alive, Van She, The Tough Alliance, The Bang Gang Deejays, Chromeo, Robyn, Cut Copy, NYPC, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Wolfmother, Klaxons, Ladyhawke, etc.

And now, 707 has bring us the great chance of having their apparel. Yep, 707 brings us Modular Tees.

Just go to 707 Kemang, located at Kemang Duty Free / Aksara Kemang building.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nike Air Yeezy Launch at JAKARTA

Nike Air Yeezy

Air Yeezy, known as one of the most anticipated sneakers in 2009 (well ,cause it was designed by Louis Vuitton Don, mr. Kanye West himself, no wonder of how Hype this Yeezy thing is..) has been released in South East Asia in this month. And, as the Official Nike Quickstrike Account holder in Indonesia, MyShoes will be the one who release Nike Air Yeezy in Indonesia! (*applauding).

The Yeezies will be in damn extreme limited quantity. Yep, from 9000 pairs released worldwide, Indonesia will have just 12 pairs (sick! right?), and it will released on La Codefin (Kemang) on April 25th 2009 with Nike Retail price , IDR 2.199.000,-

For More Information & Registering for buying a pair at the launching, log on to Sneakersindo, or go to Skematic / Myshoes.

well, Are You Yeezy Enough?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Cupcake Monster

cupcake monster

Coolest cupcake i ever seen yet. with a cookie detail? Dope!

Lacoste X United Arrows

Lacoste X United Arrows

Here is the preview of Lacoste's latest collaboration with United Arrows. came in 4 colourway, with lining details on the arm & came with Silver coloured logo. nice.


This is Wonderful, 707 has just bring the latest collection of STUSSY and UNDEFEATED to their store. the stussy collection includes the collaboration with Peter Bagge and also the collab with John Pound. For the UNDEF, you can find t-shirts, jackets, and also socks. just go to 707 kemang now. hurry up before they are sold out.

Stussy X Peter Bagge

Stussy X John Pound


Friday, April 10, 2009

Chinese Denim Factory (the cheap one i guess?)

Here are some photograph of Chinese's Denim Industry/Factory (the small Industries i guess?). as we know it, chinese workers are one of the cheapest workers there is. the Photograph is taken at Zhongshan, China by Justin Jin for TIME magazine.

the tearing, sandpapering, distressing, stone washing, scrubing and spraying process.

How dangerous & iritant the Blue / Indigo Dust from Denim to the lungs of the workers with low quality tools. wont be this extreme on the big factory.

Sleeping child on the denim factory.

Deck Shoes from Duffer!


Duffer of St. George has just released their own Boat / Deck Shoes. came in 3 colourway, Navy Blue, Black, and Red. nice!

Yes, It's Finally True! Jamiroquai came to Indonesia!

As we seen the posters before (click here), at April 8th 2009, Sentul International Convention Centre was rocked by JayKay and the gang!

yep, after many speculations that said that Jay Kay attendants to Indonesia is cancelled due to some problems, Java Festival has succesfully held the Concert on last wednesday.

these pictures above is courtesy of my friends who attended the show. enjoy!


(click on the images for bigger pics)

too bad he did not wear his "hat" :D

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lightning Magz : THE DENIM BOOK

I just bought the Lightning Magz : The Denim Book this morning, and yeah it is superbly inspiring. you an see how enthusiast japanese people are about Denim. from Young lads to Old Man. they had a superbly wonderful life with Denim.

hmm. lets say, on this magz, you can find Japanese people with : Levi's , Vintage Levi's, Evisu, Momotaro, Denime, Warehouse, Eight-G, Skull, Samurai, SDA (Studio D'Artisan), APC, etc.

and, mostly were Wonderfully Faded!!

Lightning Magz Vol.62 : The Denim Book

Social House (Harvey Nichols,Grand Indonesia)

Social House (lately getting famous with the word "So-Ho") is a nice place to hang out , eat or just Drink Wine or Cold Beers. They are located at Harvey Nichols , Grand Indonesia and they had this opened bar that gave you the view of Bundaran HI, superb!

well, let the images do the talking, okay



inside bar seats

and for the menu, these are their "MUST TRY!" ones
Chicken Quassadillas something-something (forgot the name was)

something-something chocolatte something (forgot the name) but this is the best desert!

ratings? i would gave 9 out of 10. superb! must go there again :D