Saturday, December 31, 2011

Memorable Sneakers of 2011

The guys at Footurama has just chosen 12 sneakers in 2011 that they considered 'Memorable'. Head to Footurama to see!

A.P.C. Singapore Sale Starts January 3rd 2012

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Standard Denim Supply Co. - Plaza Senayan

A couple of days ago, Standard Denim Supply Co. is having an opening of their first stand alone store, in Plaza Senayan. Located at the 2nd floor of the mall, Standard Denim Supply Co. gives a dark warm atmosphere in their store that dominated by woods and oxidized metal. Carries brands like Nudie Jeans Co., Cheap Monday, Ksubi, The Flat Head, Imperial, Cool Caps, Lee 101, Wrangler Blue Bell, Dickies, and so much more, Standard Denim Supply Co. is a must go store for all denim enthusiasts that finds their way to Jakarta. They even provide an in-store alteration and repair if necessary, to make sure that all of their customers gets their perfect fit.

Standard Denim Supply Co.
Plaza Senayan
2nd Floor, Unit 238A-240A
(021) 572 5670

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Superlate Post : Pictures from Wall of Fades 2011

20 days after the event? better late than never! Anyway, for the news,
head to Footurama - Event Report : Wall of Fades 2011!

PVBLIC AFFAIR - New Teaser Photos!

Highly respected Indonesian footwear brand, Pvblic Affair has come up with several photos for their upcoming products on their facebook page. Looks super good!

Days until the opening of Standard Denim Supply Co.

image via Sky Scraper City Forum

Saw this hoarding, and i cannot wait to see how the store will be look like. And the brands are looking good. Read the story about Standard Denim Supply co. HERE.

Fred Perry - Now Open at Plaza Indonesia!

Some of you must be very happy with this. After years and years waiting, British heritage brand, Fred Perry, has finally open their first flagship store in Indonesia. Yep, situated at Plaza Indonesia, Fred Perry is bringing their full collection ranging from menswear, women and kids collection. With same interior concept that they used in ION Orchard, Singapore, it shows Fred Perry's classic touch with a modern elegant side.

For more information, you can just :
- Follow their twitter @FredPerryID or,
- Join their facebook page, Fred Perry Indonesia

Additional pics i took from SkyScraperCity Forum

Friday, December 16, 2011

Absolut Purity Campaign

Every year, Absolut choose an artist to achieve a work on the theme of purity. After Dan Tobin Smith and Riton Paul Graves in 2009 and in 2010, now is the German artist Simon Schubert that shares his vision. He came up by making a display only through folds and shadows and light. This poster was placed in a bus shelter Avenue de l'Opera. The structure, including the lighting was entirely designed by the artist, allows optimum viewing of the work. This campaign was conducted by the agency Being.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Standard Denim Supply Co.

Some of you might have already familiar with one of The Goods Dept's Shop-in-Shop tenant, Standard Denim Supply Co.. Yep, the multi-brand shop that brings your favorite Denim brands is soon to be opening their stand alone store in Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. Yeah, i was excited about this when i heard about this.
"The new store will have a contemporary design inspired by the American heritage and industrial roots of denim and its original wearers. In addition to a frontage reminiscent of old factory stores, the interior will use dark blues, solid woods and oxidized metal to accentuate the classic feel. We want our guests to be able to smell, touch, and almost taste the denim in the air. In addition we willbe adding an in-store alteration and repair service to ensure that all denim bought not only fits perfectly, but keeps going as long as you do."
Standard Denim Supply Co. is the official stockist of Nudie Jeans co., Ksubi, The Flat Head, Naked & Famous, Cheap Monday, Imperial, Dr. Denim, Super, Wrangler Blue Bell, Lee 101, Dickies, and No Mas. The store is scheduled to open its door on this December 2011. Get Ready!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Outstanding Tents from Field Candy

Damn! these are such an eye candy. Head to Field Candy to see amazing tent designs.

Human Made - Kopi T-Shirt

From A Bathing Ape and BAPE founder Nigo, Human Made is a vintage-inspired collection of authentic pieces with creativity and quality at the core of each product. Nigo has decided to dig even deeper into his legendary archive and, working with the foremost vintage replica company Warehouse, he has created a new brand, Human Made.

Coffee is a recurring theme for Human Made: their Tokyo flagship store is called Cold Coffee and this collection has been peppered with references to Kopi luwak, or civet coffee, which is the world’s most expensive variety of everyone’s favourite morning wake-up-juice.

Kopi luwak is special because it is made using beans that are first eaten and partly digested by the Asian Palm Civet – that’s the cheeky-looking half-cat-half-monkey creature on the front of this t-shirt. Particular enzymes in the Civet’s gut gives the coffee a special smooth quality, producing what many call the world’s best cup of coffee – it’s certainly the most expensive at over $100 a cup. This t-shirt is Nigo’s celebration of that remarkable process.

The t-shirt itself is made from thick and premium cotton that has a substantial vintage feel to it. There is also a Human Made logo on the back

10 Most Bizarre Job Interview Questions (Arguably)

A friend of mine shared this link on her facebook page. Quite bizarre i must say. Here it is :

1. "If you were reduced to a measurements a pad and put in a mixer, how would you get out?" Asked at Goldman Sachs. Earning money, which is what Goldman Sachs does, will depend on resourceful tips on how to power disequilibrium in areas. You are recognized for figuring out and using what your competition can't.

2. "If you could be any hero, who would it be?" Asked at At&T. The business will depend on working together to style, generate and market products. A hero like Monster aimed on reaping benefits for others is likely in the ball park of right solutions.

3. "How do you compare an hippo without using a compare machine?" Asked by IBM. The business areas solutions that allow for good tips on how to work, which include generating tests with imperfect information.

4. "Why do you think only a tiny proportion of the populace makes over $150K?" Asked by New You are able to Life. Your reply explains both your governmental school of thought as well as how much fireplace you have in the waist.

5. "How many containers of alcohol are consumed in the metropolis over the week?" Asked by The Nielson Company. Your technique to resolving would show your feel for the type of group information Nielson will depend on.

6. "Rate yourself on a range of 1 to 5 how unusual you are." Asked at Investment finance One. Since this financial business has lots of customer screen, you would reply that you have a protean or versatile self that can provide different individuals ease and relaxation and ease amounts. Instead of phoning it "weird," you would structure it as "emotional brains."

7. "Explain to me what has transpired in this region during the last 10 years. Asked at Birkenstock boston Visiting. As a high-level professional and problem solver, Birkenstock boston Visiting is searching for someone who believes on the macro degree but can tie that to small characteristics.

8. "How many visitors signals in Manhattan?" Asked by Argus Information & Advisory Services. Obviously, this is a examine of your information of guide methods and their skills and constraints.

9."Out of 25 horse, select the quickest 3 horse. In each battle, only 5 horse can run as well. What are the least number of events required?" Asked at Bloomberg LP. You will show your expertise of possibility idea, which include how you might create other issues to support with the idea.

10. "How are M&M's made?" Asked by US Financial institution. Your technique to resolving would show your knowing and evaluation of creation techniques, including around the globe getting elements to guaranteeing food and worker protection.

JanSport at Brightspot Market VII

On the last Brightspot, we saw a lot of brands doing some interesting stuff. One of the booth captured my interest is JanSport. JanSport Indonesia introduced a new campaign where consumers can personalize their own unique JanSport bag, and it seems they got great response from people who came. On this D.I.Y. (Design it Yourself) campaign, you can choose either the Super Break or Right Pack model, and then you can customize your bag with patches like alphabets or icons, and then you choose where you want to put it.

Due to popular demand, JanSport Indonesia said that they will launched the campaign again on early 2012, at The Goods Dept, Plaza Indonesia. Awesome!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Assembled is Better

Canadian retail chain Urban Barn recently had a go at connecting with people who dislike self-assembled furniture, placing around Vancouver cardboard flat-pack style boxes containing a hydrant, park bench and litter bin. The caption on the boxes stated “Assembled is Better”.

The No Assembly Required campaign was developed at Spring Advertising, Vancouver, by creative director Rob Schlyecher, art director Jeremy Grice and copywriter Ben Hudson.

Source : The Inspiration Room

Kosmopolite Art Tour Jakarta

Started at Bagnolet in 2002, Kosmopolite is the first international graffiti festival in France and it has grown bigger to other countries. Jakarta is one of kosmopolite connection in Asia. Kosmopolite goals are to introduce graffiti to the general audience and explore the concept of intercultural links.

The Workshop
Workshop Kosmopolis @D’Gallery Barito No 3,
Start at 1-2 December 2011, kosmopolite association will creating project to show the graffiti culture in interactive way which share their knowledge and technique to showing their love and passion to the next generations.

The Exhibition
Exhibition Kosmopolis @D’gallery Barito No 3,
3 December the Parisian and Indonesian Graffiti artist will set up an exhibition of canvas artwork showing their emotions to the world. Aesthetic and conceptual analogies develop by artists with various backgrounds.

In modern days graffiti become a culture. The event covers the beginning and history of modern graffiti in variety of their countries around the world.

Kosmo Jamming
Each Graffiti artist performs and expresses their visions in to the walls on their graffiti, it is not only about street-art it can be interested more like contemporary art which esthetic and good value on it.

For any further information :
Kosmo Art Tour
Kosmopolite Jakarta +62217989412
Kims +628569037698
Teuku Melody +6285814521058