Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Penny Store Jakarta

I was so excited when my friend told me about Penny couple months ago. Last Saturday on November 21st 2009, Penny opens their door. Penny is one of the sickest sneaker and denim store in Jakarta. Why sick? They brings you rare Vans sneaks such as Vans x Parra, Syndicate, Rick Griffin, Bad Brains, Vaults, and also they got awesome denims like LVC (I think they're the 1st store who sells Levi's Vintage in Jakarta) , Samurai, Iron Heart, Pure Blue Japan, etc. Price? freaking reasonable.

Penny Store
Graha Obor 2
Jl. Bangka Raya No. 110

Pictures via Darahkubiru

Less War, More Peace Please

These may be from 2008, but these are some brilliant posters about reducing war and welcoming peace in the world.

Pictures via Good 50x70 Organization

Chair by Vladimir Tsesler & Voichenko

An awesome ladies chair, designed by Vladimir Tsesler and Voichenko.

Pictures via Dust Bowl

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Japanese brand, MUJI has recently work something up with LEGO, and the results is these amazing smart Paper & Punch set. Using Muji's quality papers and Lego blocks to create something good and it is beautiful. these Paper & Punch set is planned to be released only in Muji stores.

Source : Hypebeast

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Temper Trap

Listen to this band, The Temper Trap. An Australian band who consists of Dougy Mandagi (Vocals), Lorenzo (Guitars), Jonathon (Bass), and Toby (Drums). The Band starts when Dougy and Toby worked on the same Store. And in 2008, their song "Sweet Disposition" has been a great hit in Australian radios.

Their song "Sweet Disposition" was also appeared on the original soundtrack album of the movie (500) Days of Summer (which is a very good soundtrack album, the best soundtrack album in the year 2009 in my opinion). In October 2009, they appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live, to performed their hit song, "Sweet Disposition" Live.

"The Temper Trap, lead by frontman Dougy, have been writing and touring Australia, catching the ears of many, including world renowned producer Jim Abiss who made the journey to melbourne to assist the Temper Trap in delivering their debut record. With a series of epic new tracks set for release on their much anticipated debut album, the band has conquered adventurous new territory, building on their rich foundations in a natural progression. Legendary Artic Monkey's and Kasabian Producer Jim Abiss flew over to Melbourne to be at the helm. The Results of this brilliant new evolution in sound will persuasively draw you in. The Temper Trap have undeniably delivered."

For your info, their Vocalist, Dougy, is an Indonesian. So, as fellow indonesians, i'm so proud to see Indonesian musician like him to be in a great band. The Temper Trap is busy scheduled to perform in many shows such as in London (which the ticket is sold out), Paris, Berlin, USA, etc. Hopefully they will come to Jakarta sometime.

Their album is now available on iTunes, and aksara bookstore.

The Temper Trap
The Temper Trap's Myspace page

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nike Store, Harajuku

Seems to be one of the best Nike Store yet. In my Opinion

Pictures via Hypebeast

Mark McNairy X GH Bass & Co.

Mark McNairy keep making my eyes pop with his shoe collaborations. After a while ago he teamed up with Inventory Items, he recently teamed up with GH Bass & Co. by designing these awesome loafers. What a brilliant idea to play these "old man looking" shoes by using a great colourway and materials.

Source : Hypebeast & Paper Magz

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nike SB Blazer X HUF Photos with Omar Salazar

A Photo shoot with Omar Salazar wearing Nike SB Blazer x HUF. Can't wait for the release of those Blazer.

Photos via Hypebeast and Sneakernews

Last Supper by James Reynolds

"Last Supper" by James Reynolds is a series of photographs documenting former Death Row prisoners' requests for their last meal before execution. Awesome!

Source : JWGReynolds


Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

click on the images for bigger size

For more, Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

Beatles Apple

Apple corp. & EMI will release 30.000 piece of these Beatles Stereo USB Apples which contains all of The Beatles's music on the USB stick. Scheduled to be released on December 7th 2009 for about US$ 280

Source : High Snobiety

Monday, November 9, 2009

Indigo Jakarta - Photo Session (Denim Essentials)

Rivets - Levi's Strauss

Hidden Rivets (Inside Look)

Roping Effect - Nudie Jeans

Back Pocket Embroidery - Self Edge X Imperial 04

Leather Patch - Self Edge X Imperial 04

Honey Combs / Fishnets - Samurai

Creases - Nudie Jeans

Honeycombs / Fishnets - Nudie Jeans

Slight Fading on Thigh - Samurai Jeans

Side Combs - Creases - Nudie Jeans

Red Selvage Line (Inside Look) - Edwin

Indigo Jakarta - Photo Session I