Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tim Soar Padded Jacket

"Now here’s one for you folks who don’t wanna give up the streetwear bug just yet. You know, the type who doesn’t want to look sharp but wants to look good. We’re looking out for you with a jacket like this – it’s not date wear but it’s suitable for just about everything else. And it’s navy (man’s official favourite colour – and that’s a fact) so you won’t have to worry about how to wear it and all that stuff that guys usually worry about."

Source : Selectism

Bulwark “Nomex” Flame Resistant Team Jacket

"The Red Kap company, now known as Bulwark has been developing workwear for almost 35 years. They focused on the flame-resistant protective garment market by developing new innovative “fibers, fabrics, finishes and garment construction.” The flame reistant, 9 oz. 100% cotton twill offers up an intense “12 oz. two-layer quilted needle punh modaquilt.” The ribbing, collar, cuffs and waistband are all produced by Nomex. This jacket can withstand some pretty heavy duty fires."

Source : Selectism

Mark McNairy for the Norse Project

Created for Norse Projects in collaboration with Mark McNairy, this classic shoe comes in a luxurious camel brown suede and features a Vibram Christy wedge sole. These shoes are crafted in the highest quality by traditional English shoe manufacturers Sanders.

Source : Slam X Hype

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Apple reveals the new Macbook Air

For information just log on to

Monday, October 18, 2010


Just saw this brand on internet and i get instantly hooked. Feltraiger (pronounced FEL-TRAY-GER) is an American menswear brand inspired by the rebellious lifestyle of the many subcultures of the 20th century. All garments are designed, sampled, and produced in America. Each piece is limited and produced in small numbers and many garments are hand numbered. Time is taken to hand distress, bleach, and dye certain tags and garments, keeping them limited, special, and unique.

Sales Inquiries:
PR Inquiries:

425 Keap St. Studio 2B
Brooklyn NY 11211
United States of America

Official Website

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Adidas X Star Wars

Adidas Originals X Star Wars Collection has now available at Adidas Originals Store, Plaza Indonesia & Senayan City, Jakarta.
Grab em Fast!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

APC - Tennis Grosse Shoes

French brand, A.P.C., which known for their clean cuts and minimalist nature has just comes up with the "Tennis Grosse" shoes, in Noir (All Black) colourway. As usual, APC keeps their products simple but would gives a killer look. The Tennis Grosse shoe comes in All Black suede material upper, five gold coloured lacing eyelets, and flat cotton laces. Perfect.

Alden - Reversed Chamois Ranger Moc

English shoe manufacturer, Alden, has finally brings up this awesome Reversed Chamois Ranger Moc. The Ranger moc comes with premium waxed reversed chamois leather upper, water resistant double waterloc outsole, and with goodyear leather welt plus fully leather lining. Check the images below.

Metal back for iPhone 4

Rumour has it, that the glass back on the iPhone 4 is kinda fragile. Many brands starts to produce some alternatives to this back problem. One of em is this awesome Stainless Metal material. It gives a stronger outer for your iPhone yet still look elegant. This is 1000x better than adding a cheesy vinyl sticker or leather piece on the back of your phone. Clear plastic case is one of the best choice, but this metal thing is even better.

"The slight bevel rounds out the back of the phone, making it feel less sharp. It also adds a tough industrial look. For even more durability, adding a bumper and a front screen protector protects your phone further while still managing to keep the iPhone’s refined look. The best part is, it’s simple (only requires removing a couple screws"

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Dental Implant Ad

Ok, this is fucking brilliant. Awesome ambient here.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Outlier - Workwear Pants

I really dig non-denim pants lately,especially in khaki and navy coulourway. In my opinion, Outlier's Workwear pants is one of the best. Came in several colours with Doubleweave Canvas material, they gives a neat look yet high comfort and strong durability.

"The Workwear Pants are made with our Doubleweave Canvas, the strongest and most durable of our fabrics. It's got a Cordora grade nylon exterior, yet the interior is brushed soft with a great breathability making it incredibly comfortable. The canvas face drapes well and has a great dullness. That basically means this is a really good looking fabric, you can pull it off in the office, yet it performs well enough to take to the backcountry.

Wear these 360 days a year. Day in and day out they hold up strong and stay surprisingly clean. The gusseted crotch, curved waistband and parabolic sideseam ensure they move as well as they fit. The cut is true to size and a medium lean in the leg. If you own a pair of iteration one Workwears please note that this version fits about a half size smaller and has a shorter crotch rise. When first putting on the pants, you'll notice that they relax out nearly half a size over the course of an hour or so to the perfect fit."

Blue Solid Chambray from Levi's

Levis Chambray Denim Shirt from the Levis 'Products With Roots' 2010 Collection. This shirt is a special edition, classic blue chambray, fits standard around the chest and waist. It has a spread collar with front fastener and decorated front pockets.
Lets see if it will hit Jakarta in a couple weeks or not.

Be Prepared for the Denim Market Part II.

Better be prepared cause in the end of this month, Rubrikgroup will be presenting the Part II of "the Denim Market". After a quite success at the First part (held at Ke'ku:n Kemang), the Denim Market part II will be moving to Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, with more tenants, more musics, more surprises.

The Denim Market
October 29th - 31st 2010
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Upper Ground - East Mall
(Right below the Level One Area).

Leffot - The Fold

Couple days ago, a friend of mine posted this awesome wallet design, and i was like "damn, that's brilliant!". The wallet's called "the Fold". "the Fold" is a wallet product from New York based, Leffot. It was made from Horse leather Horween Shell cordovan. And yup, it is just like that.

"These svelte sheaths are about as low tech as you can get, just a single piece of Horween shell cordovan, three folds, and voila your cash is snugly secured in horse ass leather for safekeeping. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

Friday, October 15, 2010

Comme des Garcons - Pocket Shop - Singapore

Comme des Garcons has just opened their pocket shop in Singapore. The Comme des Garçons Pocket Shop is a retail concept that first began in Tokyo departmental store corners in 2007. The first international Pocket Shops were opened in 2008 in two distinctive neighborhoods in Paris – Montmartre and the Marais. These Pocket Shops exudes the vibe of a convenience store, with their shelves piled high and thick with produce and is a place for simple/pocket sized purchases that you don’t have to think twice about. Every POCKET shop is designed to integrate naturally into its surroundings, and to provide everyday access to Comme des Garçons’ ranges of Wallets, PLAY tees, Fragrances, Parfum, and other small items.

The Comme des Garçons Pocket Shop is located at Como House, 6B Orange Grove Road

Source : Plus65
Pictures courtesy of Club21 Global & IS-Magazine

Roman Foot Soldiers - Streets Without Signs

Roman Foot Soldiers

Just heard this song "Streets Without Signs" couple minutes ago, and i'm all ears to this band. You can check out this band on Sinjitos's official blog page here.

"Like their hometown Jakarta, Roman Foot Soldiers is a blend of many eccentric musical characters. Such contrasts however didn’t produce a clash of creativity, but it did inspire the group to pursue a sound unique enough to satisfy all band members’ appetite.
As for the name of the band, it represents both their fascination for epic war films and solidarity. Six distinct pieces brought together by a common cause: a passion for music. "

Listen to their music below :