Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Celebrating their 10 years anniversary, Silas are collaborating with Vans. they are designing the Vans Sk8 Hi into a great one. take a look at the pictures. they have the "S" for Silas logo repeated on the line, and they have the Silas X Vans on the tongue label and the heel of the sneakers. Collaboration should be MORE(yeah) like this, Attractive but wearable. Nice work from both Silas and Vans.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


for those of you who are not pretty familiar with this one,well you should check em up. DAS POP came from Belgium, Europe. they're making their debut album in 2000, and their second, "Human Thing" on 2004. but until now, they're not very popular in Asia. they've been playing alongside death cab for cutie, been remixed by such great name by Busy P, Van She, SebastiAn, and many more. check their song, "Underground" and "Fool For Love", and don't forget to check out the remixes. enjoy!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


For those of you who love raw/dry denim and started to bored with other brands like nudie, a.p.c.,cheap monday,etc. now you can have Imperial Jeans. Imperial brand clothing is superior denim and unsurpassed construction. Imperial Brand Clothing uses only finest shuttle loomed fabrics (as we know,Selvage/Selvedge) fabrics that came from countries such as USA, Italy, and mostly Japan. they're only producing a raw/dry denim,and those denim will fade and age uniquely to every person.
Imperial Jeans did a collaboration with Self Edge. they made a perfect cut and design. here are the result, SEXI (Self Edge X Imperial). they're available in Raw Black, and Indigo.

SEXI Black

For more Information, Log On to:




For those of you who didn't know about Ande Whall Jeans,here it is..
Ande Whall is an Independent denim designer from the South Island of New Zealand. Rumour said it,that Ande Whall is a one man denim workshop. He did (or they??) the design, pattern drafting, garment construction, branding artwork, website design, photographer, sourcing raw materials, salesman, everything. crazy?or Genius..or may should i say, Jeanius.
for more information, check out http://andewhall.bigcartel.com/

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

vans authentic

The Original Vans Authentic are still on! yeah, along side vans era (which kinda similar to vans authentic), authentics are being one of the most wanted vans shoes of all time. well, what's not to like?lightweight and flexible canvas upper, cotton drill lining, available in many color and patten ways, tempting price. long live vans authentics


vans bay blocks watch

vans Big O watch

sneaker maker, VANS. are now making watches. they're mostly for man, but some of em are for ladies too. check out these two, the bay blocks and the big o. they're pretty nice i think.


For those of you who opened the Nudie Jeans Co. fit guide, you must've found these shoes on Thin Finn Fit guide. yeah, they're TST shoes. The fashion sport shoes from TST are designed by the former sneaker designer of famous brands as Helmut Lang and Ludwig Reiter. The TST shoes are coming from Tokyo, Japan & from Italy. they're still haven't had an official site yet. but they're already available on eBay, Shop.com, etc. their price is about US$100 - US$250 for a new pair.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

the Kooks - Young Folks

the kooks, a british who previously play a cover of gnarls barkley's "crazy", now plays a cover of peter,bjorn & john's "young folks". the songs pretty good actually, kooks made it to their "originality" and made it to a "kooks" kind of song. real nice. check out kooks latest album, KONK. and listen to tracks such as "Shine On", "Gap", etc.