Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Clarks Trigenic Dune VS Mizuno Infinity Ring Moc

Sneaker Freaker recently posted their interview with Prad Indrakumar, one of the men behind Clarks' Sportswear line. On the interview, They talked about the upcoming shoe models, and one of them is this interesting piece of footwear, dubbed the Trigenic Dune (the other one is Trigenic Flex). Looking at it reminds me how Mountain Research & Mizuno came up with some next level casual sporstwear hybrid couple of months ago, under the name of the 007 Infinity Moc. 

"The Desert Boot and Wallabee are signature styles, but there are many others in the Clarks Originals collection worth digging into, such as the Desert Trek and the Weaver. When we started working on the Trigenic project, I wasn't expecting to design a product that could reinvent the brand or become a future classic, however, in light of the positive reaction, it's now starting to dawn on me that this could pave a new way in which we reinterpret concepts from our past at a deeper level"

"I reckon we'll be printing our own shoes, just like burning a CD of music was fifteen years ago. Brands could provide downloadable outsole designs, the consumer then aligns the newly downloaded outsole data to their custom foot dimensions and then simply prints out the unit on a sheet of genetically modified leather."

While you should also check out these nice pair from Mountain Research & Mizuno as well.

Aesthetic-wise, Both shoe got my eyes on, but haven't been able to try Mizuno shoes, and I know how comfy Clarks Sportswear shoes are. If you had to choose, which one will you cop? Me myself, imma cop me some Infinity Ring Moc from Mizuno.

Read more about Clarks Sportswear Trigenic here, and check out Mizuno Infinity Ring Moc, here.

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