Thursday, October 30, 2008


we Indonesians should be proud about this one. Fortuna Shoes, known as Jalan Sriwijaya, is one of the finest shoes ever made by Indonesian shoe maker. located somewhere in Bandung (on Sriwijaya Road maybe?), Jalan Sriwijaya is becoming bigger and bigger. now, you people can find them at the famous japanese online store, . feel proud?well join me and the rest of the gang.


onehundredapollos said...

Hi there!! I am a big fan of fortuna shoes. In fact, I have already purchased 7 pairs in Japan!! After reading your article, I wondered if you could get the shoes in your country... There is a rumor in Japan which says the same factory that makes fortuna shoes have a retail shop in Bungdong and sells pretty much the same shoes at much lower prices under a different brand. Have you heard about it??

Anonymous said...

Hello One

I can help you to proxy from Bandung Indonesia.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I also the big fan of Fortuna shoes.if In Japan I saw we can get the fortuna shoes in Takashimaya or ISETAN. If in Bandung the factory is in Jalan Sriwijaya.for retail shop in Bandung before in Jalan lengkong Besar.

Paskal Panuntun said...

You could Afford Fortuna/Jalan Sriwijaya in Bandung.

The store is located at Jl.Soekarno Hatta (In Front of Lingga Hotel)

Telp : +6222-7312050

I hope this could Help. The store sell the shoes at range of US$150-200. Much cheaper than Rakuten

raden roro said...


Yes, the other brand from Fortuna (Jalan Sriwijaya) is Puccini Shoes

Anonymous said...

Kalau kilang bikin sepatu dimana yah? Can you tell me the location in specific?